I seek to capture those unguarded, spontaneous moments experienced on race day.

The splash of water as it hits a runner; the concentration on a swimmer’s face before entering the water; the cyclist checking his tyre pressure before mounting his bike.

I hope my images will start conversations. That the candid and intimate pictures will transport you back to that moment, recorded forever, a testament to your achievement.

My unique skill lies in my ability to capture in a photograph both mood and magic from various perspectives; not merely taking a picture, but telling the story behind the shot.

I am a Malaysian born photographer, IT geek and foodie, who moved to Perth, Western Australia in 2003. Shortly after my arrival, I was bitten by the running bug and I am now a 3 x Ironman Triathlon finisher, an ultra-marathon runner, and an avid cyclist.

My first race, the City to Surf 12km run in 2008, stirred my desire to take my long-standing love of photography further. The memories of that day have faded, as no commemorative photographs were available, and I am now committed to capturing these precious moments of great personal achievement for others to appreciate, celebrate and share.

Photo credit: Gary Fong